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Other Services For When Your Last Must Be Your Best

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For The End also offers the following services in your time of need:


**Repast Catering Services for groups of 20 to 2,000. Your choice of linen colors and menu choices are our desires! E-mail for rates and dates of availability.


**Sacred, Classical Soloist for your Repast, Church and Chapel needs. $200 per song selection and all selections  may be requested in French, German, English, Spanish, Latin or Italian. Soloist will travel to any location in and beyond California. E-mail your song selections, language preference and other information for our Soloist(s). 


**Limo Services, In Home FTE "Solace Comfort Care" Services for up to three weeks after memorial services. Light housekeeping available. 


**Letter Writing Services


**Floral Designs from Casket Sprays to "Between Heaven and Earth" Special Floral Arrangements depicting the deceased in life from birth to passing in floral arrangement designs.


**End of Life Accounting Services


**Pet Care during grief and bereavement, up to 2 weeks, before and after passing of loved one. Pets should not be neglected as respected house members during the passing of a loved one. Animals have feelings that go unnoticed and also without comfort in many households. FTE to the rescue!


**In Home Nanny Child Care Services


**In Home Massage Therapist (On Call)


**Cosmetology and Hair Care Specialist



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