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For The End Order Information For When Your Last

Must Be Your Best

In order to properly assist you with ordering your designs, we offer the following information:

1. Please e-mail your request for divine designs to We will design and create from your sketches or from information regarding the deceased. We can also design from a recent (within last 12 months) photograph and date of birth information. Allow 2-3 weeks for standard delivery or 72 hours for current ready to wear garments, many which are shown on our photos page. Check with us to make sure they are not already sold or in lay-a-way. Most designs start at a cost of $500.00 to $50,000.00+ depending on fabric textiles, embellishments, jewels, attachments and cultural customs for the deceased. 

2. If you would like an appointment with Dr. Coppertino in Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, Torrance or Beverly Hills, in person appointments are set at the rate of $200.00 per hour for design consultations (2 hour minimum). Telephone appointments are FREE - NO COST for the first 30 minutes. Please e-mail us for a telephone consultation. For out of state in person consultative services, please note that all applicable travel costs for Dr Coppertino and an Design Assistant will prevail, and a 4 week appointment  notice is required in advance. Please contact us via e-mail for more information and procedures pertaining to Dr. Coppertino's travel guidelines at

3. For personal appointments with Dr. Coppertino, a FTE Representative will contact you to further discuss your design desires, time frame and to schedule an appointment. On your appointment, Dr Coppertino will engage in a MASTER FITTING and ANSWER ALL questions and other particulars necessary to fulfill your requests. You may also bring photos of what you may have in mind. The Representative will also help you complete a FTE Design Questionnaire, and also answer any questions you may have before Dr. Coppertino conducts the appointment discussion. If the design is for a deceased loved one, you may be asked prior to the appointment to mail or have delivered a suit or clothes (2 pieces) or other attire/clothing worn by the deceased in order for Dr. Coppertino to intuitively design and create from. 

4. If you are interested in our "Pre-Need" Program for advanced purchases of designs to be worn at your future date with destiny, this service opportunity can also be arranged , and is highly advised in the fast pace of live we live in today. We also offer storage services for "Pre-Need" designs/fashions, and will maintain your selections for up to ten years at no additional cost. In the event alterations become necessary with the passing of time and the date of passing, no problem! Alterations are offered at no charge to the family or the estate. 

Our "Couture Funeral Designs" range in price from $200.00 to $25,000.00 plus and all costs depend on the selection of style, fabrics, buttons, fur and trims, appliques designs or hand embroidery. If a customer desires a design completely hand sewn/created or desire various linings from other countries, layer paddings and multiple interfaces prepared for the design or old world Italian prep work, these and other additions could increase the cost. 

Many designs are first created in mind, then on authentic butcher's paper; and carefully reviewed in our showroom by Dr. Coppertino with her Assistant Creationists after the initial appointment.  Dr. Copperitno will help you determine a design selection idea from our private COUTURE PHOTO GALLERY GUIDEBOOK if you require a "rush" garment, and will work closely with you from start to finish of your design.

In the event you are not able to travel to California to meet with Dr. Coppertino directly, we also offer consultations and all other services by e-mail and snail mail if you have designs you may like duplicated, or desires from our photo gallery. Your present, modern day clothing can also be re-created into a work of art and re-configured to any century or period. 

Dr. Coppertino is a beautiful, multi dimensional and multi talented, inspiring woman to all who have met her, and  who has been a seamstress and tailor from the age of 11 years old. Dr Coppertino examines all aspects and history of her customers being, and the life they have lived, to assist her in the inspiration of designs, shades and degrees of colors and artwork used in her creations. She believes that no personal design style should never, ever be duplicated! Dr. Coppertino states that "no one can take the place of life or in death" and if a design is not forthcoming after much meditation on her part, Dr Coppertino may make a request to visit the deceased at the funeral home location, mortuary or other temporary resting place.

A true, divine "spirit led" friend of the dead, Dr. Coppertino is unsurpassed in her way of just "knowing" the desires of the deceased, and how best to help you honor the life and memory of your beloved, dearly departed one! 

ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS (to begin design service with us, Step 1)

1 Please provide your name, address, city and state, zip code, telephone number and e-mail address and your design budget for consideration. ALL BUDGETS ARE HONORED, RESPECTED AND FULFILLED REGARDLESS OF BUDGET constraints with the same amount of divine respect and due diligence of service offered to all.

2 Please inform us if the design is for yourself, a living relative, or a deceased loved one. If for a deceased one, we will need their full name, age at time of death, date of birth, photograph; no matter how old; and the date of the photograph along with the date of death. We also request a dress, suit or coat for use in our studios which is returned with ordered design. Please also include the date you desire your design.

3 We offer rush services of your design via U.S. Postal Services, home or mortuary Uber/Lyft/Fed-Ex Delivery Services and/or Limo Delivery Services to private residences. These additional fees range from $30.00 to over $300.00 if Limo is desired in City of Los Angeles.

We look forward in assisting you and your dearly departed at "For The End".  Thank You for visiting with us today! 


Dr Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino


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