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Events and Lectures, 2022
For When Your Last Must Be Your Best

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                                  Lecture, April 29, 2022, 7-9 PM

"Mourning Customs during the 12th - 18th Centuries and their Impact on Society Today", Location to be announced

What have we missed in the form of ritual and closure of a life well spent? Does the future hold more crime and violence in store for all because we have lost the art of "paying our respects" to the dead? Join us for a fascinating evening of information designed to help us step back in time, and discover the benefits of not only honoring our deceased properly, but also becoming more fully human in restoring ritual and respect to our everyday lives, in living respectfully. FREE-NO COST. RSVP necessary for Palos Verdes Estates, California private residence location.  

"For The End" Dinner and Parlor Night, June 3,2022  6-8 PM, $50 Per Person
Private Residence in Palos Verdes Estates, California (postponed)

We will arrive to enjoy the festivities and food; dressed in your "Sunday best period clothing"; and meet new friends! You will hear news over a catered dinner about our upcoming 2020-2021 For The End Calendar of Events, which will include fun trips to the Fashion Design Institute in Los Angeles; Old Downtown Ventura County and their Vintage Clothing District; Metropolitan Fashion Week Fashion Designs conversations; Santa Monica Thrift Boutiques and more! We will share lectures and hands on opportunities for creating beautiful garments for their sheer long lasting beauty, and be kept abreast of information from the Victorian, Baroque and Renaissance Periods.

"Men and Mourning, and Why They Remain Ashamed" Lecture, August 19, 2022

 6-9 PM, Free/No Cost

Men mourn as well as women and children when a loved one has passed away. They mourn however, in a much different manner, and on a deeper level due to their assumed front line of defense nature. Visit with us and help explore how women can be more in tune with and more present in the time of loss in the lives of their fathers, husbands and sons. Dinner served during and after the lecture, with refreshments. Location TBA

                                           BECOME A FRIEND OF "FOR THE END"
"For The End" is Incorporated for public and mutual benefit, through our parent subsidiary and donate time, talent, instruction and financial assistance to schools, service organizations and groups dedicated to preserving the history of the Victorian way of living. We also assist our youth to graceful living and perform many hours of volunteer service to the faith based community, children's causes and the elderly who truly depend on For The End for visits and emotional care. You can help us further our aims and goals by becoming a Friend of "For The End". Those who choose to support our organization will receive the following:

$100 Per Year

Online Newsletter, Notification of Upcoming Events, $10 Discount on Event Tickets, Online Name Recognition on our Website and in all Print Materials.

$300 Per Year
All of the above, plus V.I.P No cost invitation notifications to special fashion related events and private themed art/museum openings. Special Travel and Cruise discounts to related ventures in and out of the State of California.
$1000.00 Per Year
All of the above, plus an opportunity to spend weekends (2) in a theme related home and share your story before reporters and the Media on how "For The End" association has encouraged you to look to the past to live respectfully for today. Your Photo will also be posted on our website as a supporter for periods of the past. You will also be interviewed by a local radio news reporter and archived for future listening. 

$100,000.00 Per Year
All of the above, plus an opportunity to act as "Chairman of our Outreach Division Board of Directors" and oversight opportunity for upcoming "FOR THE END MUSEUM OF DEATH AND MOURNING, the first of it's kind in America (Grand Opening Spring, 2023) 

$1,000,000.00 One Time Donation
All of the above, plus an opportunity to have the naming rights of the FTEMODOM Facility, and to act as Chairman of our Advisory Donor Board of Directors. You will also have the opportunity to represent FTEMODOM as Deputy Grand Marshall, driven by a Horse Drawn turn-of-the-century Carriage (as seen on the streets of London) in our Celebration Parade, Fall 2022


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